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automatic spring roll sheet machine 6QP-3620 automat

automatic spring roll sheet machine 6QP-5029 automat

automatic spring roll sheet machine 6QP-8045 automat

automatic spring roll sheet machine 6QP-12060 automat

automatic spring roll sheet machine6QP-5029 automat

Automatic Spring Roll Sheet Machine 6QP-12060-II Automat

Prawn cracker machine II Prawn c


Langfang Shengxing Food Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly named Langfang City Flour Machinery Plant) is a professional manufacturer of spring roll machines, spaghetti/pasta machines, vermicelli machines, extruders, snack food equipment and other food machinery.

Established in 1956, our company has 54 years of production history. Our company has strong production capability, advanced technology, innovative production concepts and scientific management methods.

With advanced product structure, stable performance, safety and reliability, as well as simple operation and maintenance, our products sell well all over the country and are exported to foreign countries and regions.

Our mainly products are as follows:

Spring roll machine: 6QP-3620, 6QP-5029, 6QP-8045, 6QP-12060 automatic spring roll sheet machine which can produce all kinds of spring rolls automatically.

Spaghetti/Pasta machine: can produce spaghetti and pasta in all size and shapes.

Vermicelli machine: 6FSJ-90, 6FSJ-100, 6FSJ-126 self-cooked vermicelli machines are our main products which are able to produce all kinds of noodles vermicelli, glass noodles with starch as raw material.

We also have forming machines, roll printers and cutting machinery to produce all kinds of shrimps, prawns, Kazakhstan squid rolls and other foods. 6FSJ-80 series clamshell equipment produces a variety of bubble food, square tubes, chips, various shells, peanut shells, conchs and other foods.

We welcome customers worldwide to contact us.